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SAS SmartConnect IoT

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Activité principale:

Provides no code software that facilitates digital transformation solutions – securely integrating sensors/devices/equipment/cemeras at the edge, aggregating the data and streaming to/from anywhere/anytime.

Présentation rapide:

SmartConnect no code software solves the integration problem by connecting otherwise unconnected (grey/white zone) as well as new equipment/sensors/devices on factory floors, transportation and fleets, remote sites, environmental applications, warehouses, buildings. System integrators, electricians, platform/AI/ML solution providers deliver no custom and standardized digital transformation solutions without the need for high end engineering to monitor and control sensors, devices, equipment.

Marché(s) d'application:
  • Automotive
  • Maritime
  • Rail
  • Entreprise
Activité au sein de Totem:
  • Business France et International
  • Recherche et Innovation
Labege, France