Empowering Customer Success : The Transformative Power of Digital Engineering Tools.

📆 le 18 avril 2024
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Join Typhoon HIL for an exciting journey with Danfoss Drives as they pioneer the use of digital engineering tools in new and innovative ways, stretching their utility far beyond product design and development phases. Danfoss Drives significantly enhances the value of digital models, empowering customer success by harnessing productized models as efficient communication channel between manufacturer and end customer.

They invite you for an insightful discussion as they dive into their collective experiences, exploring how model-based design and Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) simulation seamlessly integrates within a unified digital engineering workflow. This integration not only facilitates agile development of control software but also supercharges continuous testing, product support, sales, and system integration.


In this webinar, you will discover:

  • How the Danfoss iC7 series, the new line of low-voltage motor drives frequency converters and system modules, utilizes HIL simulation and digital models.
  • How model-based design and HIL simulation is opening up new business opportunities and business models
  • How integrated model-based design and HIL simulation accelerate the development, maintenance, and test automation of motor drives and power electronics.
  • How efficient model productization created value stacking throughout the lifecycle.
  • The advantages of Continuous Testing (CT) and agile development.
  • The significance of efficient and scalable HIL testing infrastructure for motor drives.
  • The transformative potential of HIL-based digital twins in enhancing customer outcomes


  • Janne Kuivalainen : Chief Technology Officer & Head of Technology | Danfoss Drives
  • Søren Bækhøj Kjær : Lead Control Engineer |Danfoss Drives
  • Dusan Majstorovic : Chief Technology Officer | Typhoon HIL
  • Ivan Celanovic : Chief Business Development Officer | Typhoon HIL

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